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Time for Boots

I went to go work for my uncle on the farm this past Monday. We didn’t end up spending a lot of time working (trip to the Ethanol plant and a stop at the Practical Farmers of Iowa offices), but I guess we did do enough work to blow out my trusty old hiking boots that I bought in 1995. So, now I’m in search of some new boots. I’ve been doing some research and window shopping on the internet and I have found out one thing for sure … good boots are expensive! I am limiting myself somewhat because I would like to purchase my boots from Cabela’s because of all my “Club Points”. I have found a pair that may work, but I would really like to try them on first. So, if we make a trek to Des Moines tomorrow like we are planning I am going to find some to try on.

  • Georgia Boots
  • In other news :: I mentioned my stop with Uncle Loren at the Practical Farmers of Iowa office. It seems like it could be a very useful resource in my farming journey. I believe I will be joining the group so I can take part in some of their classes and field days. Also, I believe they are very good at connecting beginning farmers with people who are already doing it and in the know. I have added a link in the links section at the right to the PFI website.

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    • Yeoman September 20, 2008, 7:50 pm

      Good boots are extremely expensive. I hate to wear out a pair for that reason. And as having bad footgear can be a detriment, or even dangerous, I always give some thought to mine. I generally need a ground pair, and a riding pair, as I herd cattle from a horse a lot.

      Anyhow, last time I needed ground boots I managed to find Whites actually on sale at Lintons. They weren’t moving as somebody ordered them small, and I have small feet. I was so thrilled it wasn’t even funny, as I’d just blown out my old pair. I was actually able to buy two pairs of Whites for less than what one pair is supposed to cost, gettting the “Rancher” model and a pair of logging boots.

      I doubt I’ll ever need to buy another pair of ground boots for the rest of my life.

    • Yeoman September 20, 2008, 7:51 pm

      So what did you buy Ethan?

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