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TBF 127 :: Buying Grain Brings Profit, Too Much Dark, and a Hard Lesson Learned


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grinding pig feedSometimes I say things that I forget about, sometimes I say things that should be forgotten, and then sometimes there are the things that I say that need a bit of clarification. The latter of those is the case this time in regards to me saying that the pigs are the most profitable enterprise on our farm (or at least I think I said something along those lines). On the surface it would seem that the cattle or sheep would be more profitable, and that may be the case on per animal basis, but when it comes to the whole enterprise the pigs take the cake for use. The simple answer for that is “scale”. Because of the limited size of our pasture the number of ruminants we can have is much lower than it would take to be “full-time” farm, or even a profitable part-time farm. There are even economies of scale that we have by raising a larger number of pigs, even though it is still at a very small scale.

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  • Rich October 21, 2015, 3:28 pm

    One of the few things that I seem to always have an abundance of is advice, suggestions, and ideas, although I can’t always guarantee that the ideas will work, that the advice is closer to good than it is to bad, or that the suggestion is even close to being practical.

    It’s great to hear that some of my suggestions might actually be helpful.

    Since you wondered about how often I listen to the podcast, I’ve been listening to the podcast since the beginning. I was following the blog back before Crooked Gap Farm even existed, and the podcast continues to add to the story (or something like that).

    • Ethan October 23, 2015, 11:53 am


      Thank you so much as always! Since you’ve been around so long I think you should come on the podcast as a guest! Are you interested?

      • Rich October 23, 2015, 6:01 pm

        First off, thanks for the invitation, but I’m not so sure I’d be that comfortable being a guest on the podcast, so I’d have to say no. I hope you understand my reluctance.

        But, I am willing to answer any questions that anyone might have (if I can come up with some sort of answer), and I’m usually interested in talking about farming. I’ve been trying to cover most of what I’m doing on the farm on my blog so that’s one place to start (just leave a comment), or I can be emailed (if you have my email address).

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