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Our Farm Across The Internet

Our first posts, which offer a glimpse into the start of our journey:
The Beginning Farmer (Sept. 2006): The Very Beginning . . . 
The Beginning Farmer’s Wife (Sept. 2007): But You Live in Town . . .

www.crookedgapfarm.com Check out our website to learn more about our farm! 

Crooked Gap Farm – The Recipe Box
Our blog, Crooked Gap Farm – The Recipe Box, shares our favorite Crooked Gap Farm meat recipes as well as favorite recipes from our customers.

The Beginning Farmer Show
The Beginning Farmer Ethan puts out a weekly podcast, The Beginning Farmer Show, where he shares updates about our farm, topics on beginning farming, and hard lessons learned.

The Beginning Farmer’s Wife
Becca shares on her blog, 
The Beginning Farmer’s Wife, many things which relate to gardening, housekeeping, cooking, frugal living tips, and much more. She also has many posts from our journey of buying our land, building our house, and stories from the farm. You can now follow The Beginning Farmer’s Wife on Facebook.

epicuriouslogobutton Epicurious Ethan spent some time writing and sharing about farm life on Epicurious.com

Facebook Through Facebook, we enjoy sharing photos from around the farm and day to day happenings on the farm.


Follow crookedgapfarm on TwitterTwitter Twitter is another great way to catch photos from around the farm and day to day happenings on the farm.

Five Loaves Two Fish Our children manage a blog where they share how they are using their gifts and skills to bless others in need.

Crooked Gap Farm – In the News